My name is Gail, and I’m stepping out of the broom closet.  I work as a dispatcher for a plumbing company and can talk toilets with the best of them. I majored in fine art at Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in silversmithing. I dropped out of school my junior year, had a family instead, and sold all my tools to make rent and buy diapers. I don’t regret that, actually. I have a pretty cool family. I do daydream, sometimes though, of being a gallery owner in Sedona, bedecked in large turquoise rings and silver squash-blossom necklaces with a perpetual glass of Merlot in hand and client to seduce. My reality, though, is your leaking shut off valve under the kitchen sink, and that’s great too. I’m a Water Protector! Not sexy, but saving the planet one leak at a time is noble work. Well, the guys come fix your leak, I just get you on the schedule, but I do my part!  I am a member of five lineage societies, enjoy genealogy, and have spent some time as a paranormal investigator. I’m very sorry to say I’ve never seen a ghost. I keep trying.

I have always had a rock collection. I love rocks! I carry them around everywhere. I decorate with rocks. I bury them in my garden. The gallery-owner self of my dreams owns tree trunk sized quartz crystals and cavern door sized amethyst geodes, back lit, with a water fountain trickling down back. She also has really sleek, straight hair and gets her eyeliner on straight.  I have no such traits, but I do have a 25 pound quartz point who loves me and greets me at the door every time I come home. Crystals just make me smile. I say hello to them and tell them they are pretty. I treat bees the same way.

Most of my crystals are on the smaller side, and I like them that way for three reasons: 1) They don’t weigh down my purse, 2) They can be used in bodywork and crystal layouts, mandalas, etc., and 3) I use them to brew crystal elixirs.  Don’t think a crumb of a stone isn’t as powerful as a larger one!

I bought my first tarot deck when I was fourteen and have been reading on and off every since. I am not a psychic, and as much as I wish I were, the true psychics will tell you that sometimes they would rather not be. Regardless, we all have a measure of intuition that can be exercised and increased if you work with it. What I really love tarot for is for meditation. I’m feeling “ugh!”, there’s money stuff, but that’s not really it, the customers at work have all been grouchy, but that’s not really it, I’m just sick of it all! What is going on? Tarot may tell me that I need to focus on my creativity. I’ve been living 100% in the mundane, left-brained, logical, practical side of my head. I need a day to hang out with the right hemisphere of my brain on my pottery wheel or in the garden.  Tarot may also give me a bunch of oddball things that don’t make any sense that I end up thinking about all week trying to guess a what it may mean. My subconscious will usually come up with an answer after a few days.  See, I don’t use tarot to tell my fortune. My fortune is my own for my own making however I choose to make it. Tarot allows me to talk to myself and come to some conclusions about the best course of action I should take to get to my Goal.

If after a reading, I am told I need to just stop and chill out, and I’m frustrated and irritable can’t seem to get centered, I turn to my stones. My favorite “Patience” blend, that I used all the time when my kids were little, is kunzite, hiddenite, iolite, and a tiny, labradorite heart. I’m telling you right now, when I wear that blend in a pouch around my neck, I’m at peace. Everyone is a delight to meet, and I can answer “mommy?” all day long without locking myself in the car and turning the radio up. Crystals and tarot compliment each other magnificently.  Since I don’t sell rocks wholesale, I use my private collection to create custom elixirs to share the energies of the stones with you.