Crystal Elixirs

Custom Crystal Elixirs

Crystals, do they work? I adore rocks and crystals and stones of all kinds. I collect them and I have quite a variety. What I don’t have is a lot of the same mineral, so I don’t sell crystals. Many people benefit from the energy of certain stone, or keep them in their pocket as a talisman. A recovering alcoholic might wear an amethyst necklace to symbolically “ward off drunkenness” in her journey to recovery.  Many people will keep a black stone on them or at their desk for protection. Shungite is a current favorite stone for the computer and cell phone age as it is said to stop the electromagnetic radiation that bombards us all day long. You can even buy shungite slices that stick to your cell phone. Some stones put you on your path when you’re feeling lost, some are good for women’s cycles, others have been used to clear negative energy. Each stone has a vibration, an energetic field that people have translated into attributes that can be used for nearly anything you can think up. Is it true? Does it really work? Shungite will probably not cure a cancer brought on by whatever radiation might have caused it, but it might, just maybe, be a reminder to sit back and take breaks away from technology during the day. Amethyst won’t cure the cravings of an alcoholic, but it will remind her, as she fingers the stone at her throat, that she is working on positive change and so she can skip happy hour and hit the gym on the way home. Does my “patience blend” of stones really keep me from yelling at my kids? I don’t know. Maybe. I do know that I can close my eyes and hang on to my crystal bag and breathe and remember that I need to be patient, that my children are only little kids and I’m their mama. Carrying a tumbled emerald or keeping a citrine in your wallet may not actually draw cash to you, but it doesn’t stop me from doing it! I’ve put out the energy that I would like to manifest more wealth in my life, and my crystals are a visual reminder of my intensions.  I will say, on the completely other hand, that some people are very tuned in to the subtle energies of crystals and can feel exactly what they are doing within the body’s auric field. While I fall into the more “normal person” category, I will admit that holding a piece of moldevite in my left hand makes the top of my head buzz. Call me crazy.

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What are elixirs and how are they made? Google says an elixir is a magical or medicinal potion. Sure, why not? Let’s go with that. Do you believe in magic? I’m not a doctor and I can’t cure your ailments. I believe YOU can cure your ailments, but your doctor might not agree with me. My elixirs are one ounce of filtered tap water in a boiled, sterilized, glass dropper bottle. Period. Did you see the period? Period. Tap water. So you can drink them, drop them under your tongue, put them in your water bottle, anoint your forehead, squirt them on your kid as he heads off to school for the big test. Refresh the energy of your yoga mat with them. Put them in a humidifier or diffuser and fill the room with positive energy. Water is Life, after all. Now what’s your doctor say? He’ll tell you you’re a moron for spending twenty bucks on a dropper bottle of tap water.

First I clean my quartz bowls. Then I fill the larger bowl with clean water. smaller bowl is floated in the first, and small crystals are dropped into the floating bowl on top. Quartz acts as a battery and an amplifier for the energies of the crystals being used. Crystals will also be placed around the outside of the water bowls. Individual crystals will never touch your elixir. Some are toxic and should not be ingested. Some are even toxic to touch! For instance, just as pregnant women should not clean the cat box, pure essential oils should never be taken internally or rubbed directly on the skin for fear of a chemical burn, some minerals, such as cinnabar need to be handled with care and NOT DILUTED IN YOUR DRINKING WATER. Cinnabar is a beautiful red stone, usually carved into some lovely, ornate, bobble, and is made up of mercury sulfide. I will not ever ever ever ever, never ever, sell you an elixir that has had minerals sitting in the water with the single exception of quartz. The crystals will sit in or around a dry, quartz dish, and lend their vibrational energy to charge the water the quartz dish is floating in. Tap water. Filtered, tap water. Charged with crystalline energy. Now that you know my process, What Can I Brew For You?