Victoria Regina Tarot by Sarah Ovenall

For me, tarot is a means of meditation and of getting my subconscious to talk to me. It does not tell my future, who will marry who, or when important events might take place. If I am struggling, or if I am curious about an opportunity, tarot takes the blinders off and pulls me out of the box I might be viewing things from. “I’m unhappy at work! UGH, what should I do?” The Moon card might come up – this is the fantasy world of dreams and visions, but also of hallucinations and phantasms and night-time fears. ¬†What does that mean? What DOES that mean? I might decide two days later that while it would be fun to be a fancy, gallery owner in Sedona, the reality is I’m afraid to be out of a job, and I need to find a way to make my daily 8-hour obligation a place I want to be. That means getting creative and changing my mental attitude. What would it mean for you? Something different, I imagine. I haven’t told the future. I’ve gotten in touch with my inner voice. I’ve made my own future. Nothing about tarot should be frightening or scary, nothing here is taboo or Satanic, not even the Devil card. If you’re struggling and need some insight or deep thought outside of your own box, you might benefit from a tarot reading. It’s a tool, and I won’t think less of you for using it. I won’t even tell.